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About web design

Content management systems (CMS)

CMS (ang. A content management system enables easy editing of the page content and the modification of its layout (for eg. the sites menus). By using a website CMS you can easily modify any page without having to call the web developer every time you want to make changes on your website. The most popular CMS's are: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress (used mainly for blogs).

Web design in CSS

Web designs in CSS can be distinguished by a very pleasing look and the ability to easily change the page layout and design. Websites created in CSS, thanks to their simplicity, are one of the cheapest solutions, which at the same time allow you to present your portfolio or company... with style.

CSS technology has currently almost completely replaced table based layouts. You can extend CSS capabilities with JavaScript, by adding JavaScript/AJAX technology to your toolbox, and when you do so, web page design and development becomes quite a powerful base for building complex web applications. However, to satisfy less demanding needs, CSS is sufficent.

PHP web development

PHP is a programming language that is most commonly used to generate dynamic web pages. Using PHP you can create administration panels to manage page content and the layout of the web page. A CMS enables you to manage very complex content, or just to edit the content of a contact form page. Although, because of the convienience they bring, CMS sites have become almost a standard, you don't need a content management system if you rarely change the page content, or the page has little content and you know HTML. There are situations where content management systems (like Joomla or Drupal) would be unnecessary, as all you need is a simple login form, or a contact page with a form. This is where a simple PHP script would be the best solution.

Web Development in JavaScript

JavaScript can add interactivity to our websites. Every page element is accessible (through JavaScript programming language), and can be modified. You can change the page layout and all element attributes such as their opacity, colour, or background image. For many years, the main problem with using JavaScript were cross-browser incompatibilities - a page viewed in one browser would probably look completly differently in any other browser (if it could be viewed at all). Internet Explorer was one of the most problematic browsers, and it took many years before the developers were forced to implement standards. Since currently most of the browsers are standard complient and many JavaScript libraries/frameworks have evolved ( Prototype, jQuery, Dojo, or MooTools) cross-browser compatibility is much less of an issue. Moreover, it is much easier to obtain most of the functionality previously seen in Flash websites only.

About Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are actions that you can undertake to make your website rank higher in search engines (for egzample Yahoo or Google). You can divide these actions into several stages, such as: the analysis of visitor page traffic, keyword selection, keyword placement, PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click). Some of these actions are time consuming, and some require a budget (PPC campaigns). A skillful keyword selection, adjusted to the company profile, can minimize the amount of money we have to invest to get more potential customers to visit our website.

About text translation

Like in many fields of human activity, computers can be a vital part of the translation process. Of course, translation still requires language knowledge, skills and experience. A computer can only assist the translator by ensuring the text's uniformity and giving hints from the glossaries - a set of specific terms from a given field of knowledge. Software used by translators are called CAT software (Computer Aided Translation). They allow to work in teams, and to exchange glossaries and the so-called translation memories.

Programming - contract work

When hiring a new worker, a full time employee is not always needed. For various reasons, from time to time, you might want to hire someone who will do office and programming work for you. In all of these cases, it might be beneficial to hire a contract worker.

The benefits of such a solution:

  • billing based on hourly rates;
  • you pay only for work done, with no extral cost;
  • the possibility to choose between a long term collaboration or individual orders;

About typesetting

There are many factors that influence the visual appearence of a text. Some of those factors, such as the width of the text body, ligatures and the correct usage of font variants ( small caps, italics) can sometimes be out of reach in the most populat text editors (Word, OpenOffice). Special software like LaTeX, or DTP software give you more control over the typography during the typesetting. It influences not only the esthetical aspect of the text but can influence the readibility, and consequently influence the time the reader needs to understand the text, and how long the text is remembered by the reader.